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BalfolkTV- online concert

Welcome to BalfolkTV episode 2
With Kelten zonder Grenzen & AndronedaWith the prolonged lockdown our plans for a real balfolk, with real public had to be canceled again. But luckily we have a back up plan: BalfolkTV episode 2BalfolkTV – instead of a standard music stream and instead of live dancers. We will have a fun packed interactive second episode of BalfolkTV. We will be streaming from an amazing location. And you can expect in addition to the beautiful tunes from the Kelten and Androneda also:- interviews,
– a quiz and
– high quality imagery by Ork de Rooij.
– And ofcourse we do have a Zoom-room again, where we expect to see some live dancing!Saturday 20th of March 20:00 CET broadcasted on YouTube wherever you want to watch”Entrance” fee will be 5 Euros per person for this concert. If you watch together, for example when you are with 2 persons, it would be 10 Euros. Obviously we won’t be checking this, so this is all in good faith. Five Euros is the “budget price”, and of course a lot less then you would pay for a normal Balfolk ball.. So if you think this is actually worth more, you can use the “fair pay” option. That would be fantastic, and much appreciated. As these times are extra harsh for musicians because a big part of their income is cancelled.

Feel welcome and invited!

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