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Saying Good bye to Summer

As the leaves are turning unmistakably red, our bodies being wrapped in more and more warm clothes and our urge for ymmy ‘stamppotten’ is increasing…it is definite that we have to say goodbye to Summer. Good bye and thank you, becuase we had so much fun!

Orfeo asked Coca to join them on stage at Elfia¬†and we had an amazing weekend. We had two very nice performances with enthusiastic dancers accompanied with the lovely smells of Knobi Brot. But it also gave us a change to meet up with some fellow musicians, enjoy the sun and have lot’s of fun!

And then it was time for our last gig in the open air, which always marks the transition to the next season. We played at Folk’oren and were amazed by the fantastic atmosphere!!! I felt like walking into a Breton Fest Noz: there was a stage at the town square, with a few stalls for amazing food and nice beers…and just being there made us so happy. And then we also got to play!!! For the first time since what seemed ages we were on the road again with just the two of us and it felt very much like old times. but of course we missed our band-friends a lot too!

So, what are we up to next? We are going to repeat and imprive our Kelten & Orfeo project. We will play a unique ball in Gorinchem. “Why unique?”, you might ask. Well, it is the big Kelten with Orfeo, which brings you our favorite tunes with a pinch of flavour of the other band; it will be an akoustic ball, so it will be very intimate and it will be in Gorinchem, which is the stamping ground of all the bandmembers…
We are looking forward to it very much and we hope to see you al there!

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