Full of energy, enjoying everything they do  and with a fierce passion for music: It is hard to resist the sheer force of their uncontrollable love for music and life. These are Kelten zonder Grenzen, a not-to-be-missed balfolkband with a sound of its very own. With two harps, hurdy-gurdy and drums they create an Otherworld. Just like fairytales their music can be very sweet and happy,  but it can be dark and haunting too…and everything in between! Join Coca and Lies on their musical journeys and you can be certain of an experience that will not leave you untouched.

The Kelten zonder Grenzen have released their new cd ’Le Chéile’ in april 2013! Their heads filled with loads of new tunes and inspiration, they decided that it was time these musical stories needed to be told. So keep an eye out for these ladies, conquering the world with their music!


Our adventures so far…

In 2005 Lies and Coca attended Castlefest to promote the A.G. van Hamel Stichting, a foundation that promotesthe study of Celtic languages and culture. We were thinking of ways to spice up our stand. Lies had an aducation in playing the harp and Coca in theatre and it seemed a locigal conclusion to unite the two.

These plans became conrete when the Café Theater Festval urged us to join in andso they did. We translated and reworked the story of Deirde and the sons of Uisnach into a performance of 30 minutes. Unlike other storytellers we chose not to have Coca do a monologue and Lies play harp…we told the story together, both taking on the different parts, both playing music and both usually moving the public into deep emotions at the tragic end. With very simple means we could take you with us to these shores of another time and place.

This is also where the Kelten zonder Grenzen got its name. We wanted a pun on ´Spel zonder Grenzen´ (Game without borders). We were aiming for ´Spel zonder Kelten´, because we play Celtic stories, but are not Celts ourselves. We thoughtit very clever and funny…but then we had to turn in our concept minutes before the deadline ended and Coca mixed it up. `Ah well, it´s only a working title! Plenty of timeto change it…` were famous last words.

And then something happened that changed our course…Vana asked us to play a musical set. So at Keltfest we performed as a real band for the first time. We had no idea that it would change so much!


We will continue telling our story, so please chack every now and then…



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