Ik zie een konijntje (2010)


1. Mollenscottisch
2. Lazy Sunday
3. Wals voor Jack
4. Bourrée de Diable (MP3)
5. Rocky Road to Midsloan & Tis Da
6. Bal
7. Hell Yeah & Hop ‘em er in
8. Jigtime (MP3)
9. Ronja en de rode laarsjes (MP3)
10. Asbest RD & Carrotcake
11. Grab-a-Jack & Bunnyhop
12. Drimmeldro


Le Chéile (2013)

1. Glencamlet
2. As the Wheel Turns
3. Dymphna’s Delight
4. Happy End of the World!
5. Andro ofzo
6. Wild Garlic
7. Riddles in the Dark
8. The Four Horsemen
9. The Day after the Night Before
10. An Brog
11. “Die!”
12. O’Carolan’s Dream


Castlefest 2011 album (2011)
Castlefest 2012 album (2012)
Folkwoods Festival album (2013)


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