Celtic & balfolk Night

And now for something completely different! Kelten zonder Grenzen have been asked to open the Celtic & Balfolk Night in the Doelen (Rotterdam) with a lecture about our vision on Celtic music. Since we both studied Celtic Languages and Cultures at the University of Utrecht AND we both actively practise a musical art that sometimes might be called ‘Celtic’, this will give an interesting look on the matter. The title of our lecture is: ‘Celtic music does not exist.’

We will share the stage with lots of Celtic and Balfolk bands: Steeleye Span (GB), Méav (Irl), Sam Lee & Friends (GB), Barrule (Isle of Man), Georgia Ruth (Wales), Ialma (Galicië/B), Didier Laloy en Bruno Le Tron (B/Fr), Ciac Boum (Fr), Ballsy Swing (Fr), Gary Sutherland Ceilidh Band (Schotland), EmBrun (B), Naragonia Quartet (B), Celtic Swing (Irl/NL), Red Herring (NL)

De Doelen, Rotterdam
For more information, check their website:

For our Dutch readers:
Er is een speciaal balfolk tarief, normaal kost dit festival 27 euro, maar als je reserveert onder vermelding van balfolk dan betaal je 17 euro. Als je onder de 26 bent of een cjp hebt, betaal je zelfs maar 9 euro!

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